To all NYC Car Wash Owners,

Meeting on Wednesday 2/28/18, 6 pm at the Adria Hotel, 221-17 Northern Blvd Bayside, NY 11361. licence and $150K bond effects and problems . We will also have updates with wage laws and tip credit as well as other current issues in the industry. Not optional meeting ,please let all car washes owners know, to come.

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The City Council passed Intro 125-B, the Car Licensing Law, on June 10th and the Mayor signed the bill into law June 29. It is imperative that you come learn what the final bill does and how it will impact you, your business, and the car wash industry. Come hear about the new surety bond requirements, union requirements, oil/water separator requirements, background checks, and even more. Also hear how we can fight back; we have options and a plan. Come learn about what steps we all can take to save our industry. The war is far from over; our lawyers tell us that a law suit is very winnable. We need everybody to vote and participate on making this decision. We will have lawyers and our government relations consultants on hand for presentations and questions.

Progress has been made to remove some dangerous requirements from the bill but many still remain and passed city council. For example: $150,000 surety bond per location, $550 license fee, and possible unionization of businesses! Bill +Bond must be fought against! Contact Steve Rotlevi, President of Association, with any questions: (917) 440-9210

At our meeting, it was decided by a vote that any complaints about non-compliant car washes should be sent to Please send emails ASAP.

All car wash owners must join the association, and please bring all uninformed operators or suppliers to join us! The future of your business and the industry is in your hands. Don’t underestimate the importance of joining us, there is always something, like the new min wage, to learn from and we all must show solidarity. Some may think “staying off radar” and not joining will save them from trouble. However, this policy could not be further from the truth, and it is a terrible business practice for all. We are only strong together.

A. The Union wants to unionize all car wash workers. Several car washes are already unionized; all car washes are targets, including yours! We have plans and programs on improving relations with workers, without union interference!

B. Our industry is under attack by government, you will be driven out of business! Car washes will have to pay a $150,000 bond to have a license in NY City. Yes, you will need a license for a car wash! Plus many other restrictions will be in place to get a license. The State will follow if this will happen in NYC.

C. The political system is working against small business. Let’s voice our concerns and get the politicians on our side; small business is the backbone of USA.

D. The Department of Labor Audits, both federal and state are very active! We can show owners how to prevent problems by complying with laws.

E. We now have a safety and savings group for workmen comp insurance. If we buy it together on a special association rate, we can save on electrical bills and credit card charges.

F. Independent lawyers are suing many businesses. Even the owners and managers personally!

Come join professionals in our industry as they have great ideas, it will be worth your time. Take advantage of all the knowledge we have already accumulated.

If you have any questions call Steve at 917 440 9210 or email at

Our Association is Working for You!

Robert Bernstein CPA: Accountant for the Association of Car Wash Owners.

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