Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the success of its members and to promote the professional car wash industry by collecting information, collecting knowledge, and promoting the exchange of thoughts and ideas within car wash owners.

The Association of Car Wash Owners was founded in 2012 for the protection, benefit and promotion of the professional car wash industry in NYC. In addition, the association was founded to protect the vendors of the industry, workers of the industry, and the customers of the association member car washes.

Due to political pressure, union pressure, economic changes, and social changes, the business of car washing has changed drastically over the past few years. Due to these factors, we, as car wash owners, have established this organization to help our members become educated and adapt to these conditions. In addition, this association was established to assist car wash owners and other members of the industry to fight other conditions that may destroy these small businesses.

Our initial step was to hire government relations experts -- lobbyists and political consultants -- to advocate our positions to elected and government officials. Our goal is to impact public policy on the state and local levels to fight changes that the Association deems to be detrimental to the interests of the association and its member/affiliate businesses.

We have created a kit that is both designed to educate employees and managers as to OSHA compliance, and designed to place car washes in compliance with OSHA standards. This kit is available to all members. Kindly contact the association for your kit and education packet. Education seminars are also included in the kit.

The association has also established a legal code and compliance program tied in with a retained lawyer. Upon enrollment in the compliance program, our attorney will review your organization's payroll procedures and timekeeping procedures and determine whether it is in compliance with all state, local, and federal regulations. The association will create a detailed recommendation tailored to your business. This attorney will address your employees with regard to the economic effects of unions and union representation in car wash.

In the event 1/3 of your work force votes for an election the lawyer with our association will implement a campaign designed to educate the employees that the union is not in their best interest.

All NLRB charges issues and negotiations will be handled by the program lawyers. They will be available to answer all employee issues that may arise from time to time.

This association is beneficial for all car wash owners because we are designed to protect your economic interests. The Association of Car Wash Owners is designed to fight any future detrimental economic regulations, government actions, labor actions and payroll actions.

The association also has a savings buying group for insurance, credit cards, electrical and gas services.

The industry has power when all of its members are organized. We, as an industry, have the ability to change the course of our destinies. We can affect change in regulation. We can change the means in which we are treated by the government. We can avoid coercive union tactics. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER to support our interests.

President Steve Rotlevi
Association of Car Wash Owners Inc.

Robert Bernstein CPA: Accountant for the Association of Car Wash Owners.

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